2009 RECongress Exhibitor Listing by Categories

Religious Education Congress
February 27 - March 1, 2009 (Congress days)
Anaheim Convention Center Hall A

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Listing complete; as of 06 Jan 2017

Adult Faith Formation: Little Rock Scripture Study
          Contact: www.littlerockscripture.org

Art Works: Concern America
          Contact: www.concernamerica.org

Art Works: John August Swanson
          Contact: www.johnaugustswanson.com

Art Works: Lalo Garcia

Art Works: Madonna Arts
          Contact: madonnaarts.com

Art Works: Notre Dame Creations
          Contact: www.inthebetween.com

Art Works: Richard A. Jarrett Stained Glass Studio
          Contact: www.richardajarrett.com

Art Works: The Stories of Cesar Chavez
          Contact: www.storiesofcesarchavez.com

Art Works: Tori…art on fire
          Contact: tori@torisfire.com

Bibles: American Bible Society
          Contact: www.bibles.com

Bibles: Fireside Catholic Publishing
          Contact: www.firesidecatholic.com

Books: ACTA Publications
          Contact: www.actapublications.com

Books: Liturgy Training Publications
          Contact: www.ltp.org

Books: New City Press
          Contact: www.newcitypress.com

Books: Orbis Books
          Contact: www.maryknollmall.org

Books: Paulist Press Book Center
          Contact: (877) 545-8815

Books: The Crossroad Publishing Company
          Contact: www.cpcbooks.com

Books: The Matthew Kelly Foundation
          Contact: www.matthewkelly.org

Books: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
          Contact: www.eerdmans.com

Books & Videos: Family Theater Productions
          Contact: www.ftp.org

Books & Videos: Holy Cross Family Ministries
          Contact: www.hcfm.org

Books & Videos: Ignatius Press
          Contact: www.ignatius.com

Books & Videos: Librería San Pablo
          Contact: sobicain@pacbell.net

Books & Videos: Megan McKenna - The Wayfarer's Tale
          Contact: www.MeganMcKenna.org

Books & Videos: Paraclete Press
          Contact: www.paracletepress.com

Books & Videos: Pauline Books & Media
          Contact: www.pauline.org

Books & Videos: Paulist Press
          Contact: www.paulistpress.com

Books & Videos: Twenty-Third Publications
          Contact: 23rdpublications.com

Candles: Acadian Candle Company
          Contact: www.acadiancandles.com

Candles: Marklin Candle Design
          Contact: www.marklincandledesign.com

Cards, Books & Magnets: Cards by Anne
          Contact: www.cardsbyanne.com

Celtic & Irish Art: O'Keeffe Religious Articles
          Contact: jmccarthy1425@sbcglobal.net

Children's Resources: Mary Rice Hopkins & Company
          Contact: www.maryricehopkins.com

Children's Resources: Sunny-Side Up Entertainment
          Contact: sunny-sideup.com

Children's Resources: TheFeltSource.com
          Contact: TheFeltSource.com

Christian Greeting Cards: Printery House
          Contact: www.printeryhouse.org

Christian Resources: one2believe
          Contact: www.one2believe.com

Christian Service Organization: SCRC
          Contact: www.scrc.org

Christian Service Organization: Vincentian Family
          Contact: www.famvin.org

Church Supply: Anthem Church Supply
          Contact: anthemchurchsupply.com

Church Supply: Cotter Church Supplies, Inc.
          Contact: www.cotters.com

Church Supply: Meyer-Vogelpohl Co.
          Contact: www.mvchurchgoods.com

Church Supply: Wood & Iron Factory
          Contact: www.thewoodironfactory.com

Computer Software: ChurchWerks by Imagetrend
          Contact: churchwerks.com

Computer Software: Grenville Software, Inc.
          Contact: www.grenware.com

Computer Software: Logos Management Software
          Contact: www.logoscatholic.com

Computer Software: Parish Data System (PDS)
          Contact: www.parishdata.com

Computer Software: ParishSOFT
          Contact: www.parishsoft.com

Computer Software: TLC Church Software
          Contact: www.tlccommunications.com

Congress Logowear: KWD Uniforms
          Contact: kwduniform@aol.com

Craft Supplies & Gifts: HolyLandShopping.com
          Contact: www.holylandshopping.com

Craft Supplies & Gifts: Living Water Wood Works, Inc
          Contact: karenhenks@verizon.net

Craft Supplies & Gifts: Sunrise Printery
          Contact: www.sunriseprintery.com

Diocesan Organization: Diocese of San Bernardino
          Contact: www.sbdiocese.org

Diocesan Organization: Los Angeles Cursillo
          Contact: cursillo-losangeles.org

Diocesan Organization: Ministry with Lesbian & Gay Catholics
          Contact: archdiocese.la/ministry/mlgc

Diocesan Organization: Office of Restorative Justice
          Contact: archdiocese.la/ministry/justice/restorative

Diocesan Organization: Religious Education Congress
          Contact: archdiocese.la/ore

Diocesan Organization: Technology Center
          Contact: www.RECongress.org

Diocesan Organization: The Tomorrow Project/Catholic Charities
          Contact: www.tomorrowproject.org

Diocesan Organization: Vocations Office
          Contact: www.lavocations.org

Diocese: Diocese of Orange
          Contact: www.rcbo.org

Educational Entertainment: TORCH3M: Dominican Movies, Music & Magic
          Contact: www.torch3m.org

Educational Institution: Boston College School of Theology & Ministry
          Contact: www.bc.edu/stm

Educational Institution: Center for Religion & Spirituality, LMU Extension, Loyola Marymount Univ.
          Contact: extension.lmu.edu/crs

Educational Institution: Department of Catholic Schools
          Contact: www.lacatholicschools.org

Educational Institution: Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
          Contact: www.dspt.edu

Educational Institution: Franciscan School of Theology
          Contact: www.fst.edu

Educational Institution: Institute in Pastoral Ministries
          Contact: www.smumn.edu/ipm

Educational Institution: Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
          Contact: www.jstb.edu

Educational Institution: Loyola Institute for Ministry - Loyola Univ. New Orleans
          Contact: www.lim.loyno.edu

Educational Institution: Loyola University Chicago
          Contact: www.luc.edu/ips

Educational Institution: Marymount College
          Contact: www.marymountpv.edu

Educational Institution: Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles
          Contact: www.msmc.la.edu/rs

Educational Institution: Saint John's School of Theology & Seminary
          Contact: www.csbsju.edu/sot

Educational Institution: Saint Joseph High School
          Contact: www.sj-jester.org

Educational Institution: Santa Clara University/Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries
          Contact: www.scu.edu/pm

Educational Institution: St. Francis Xavier Univ. Ministry Programs
          Contact: stfx.ca/academic/continuinged

Educational Institution: University of Dallas, School of Ministry
          Contact: www.udallas.edu/ministry

Educational Institution: University of Notre Dame - STEP
          Contact: step.nd.edu

Educational Institution: University of San Francisco-Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership (ICEL)
          Contact: usfca.edu/icel

Educational Programs: Oblate School of Theology
          Contact: www.ost.edu

Educational Programs: Sadlier
          Contact: www.sadlier.com

Educational Resources: Graymoor: Franciscan Friars of the Atonement
          Contact: www.graymoorcenter.org

Educational Resources: Heifer International
          Contact: www.heifer.org

Educational Resources: Peace Education Foundation
          Contact: www.PeaceEducation.org

Educational Resources: The Merton Institute for Contemporary Living
          Contact: www.mertoninstitute.org

Fair Trade Artwork: Heartbeats
          Contact: www.heartbeatscatalog.org

Faith & Justice: Catholic Relief Services
          Contact: (619) 297-8273

Faith & Justice: Christian Foundation for Children & Aging
          Contact: www.cfcausa.org

Faith & Justice: St. Camillus Center - HIV/AIDS Ministry - Pax Christi
          Contact: www.stcamilluscenter.org

Faith & Justice: The H2O Project
          Contact: www.theh2oproject.org

Graphic Services: OPM Design Group
          Contact: opmdesign.com

Liturgical & Religious Articles: Liturgical Apostolate Center
          Contact: pddm.us

Liturgical Books & Materials: Magnificat
          Contact: www.magnificat.com

Liturgical Design Consultant: Mysterium - A Sacred Art & Design Studio
          Contact: douglasforsberg.com

Liturgical Furnishings: Tekton Woodworks, LLC
          Contact: www.tektonwoodworks.com

Liturgical Furnishings: Tortorelli Creations, Inc.
          Contact: www.tortorelli.com

Liturgical Vestments: C M Almy
          Contact: www.almy.com

Liturgical Vestments: Chagall Design Limited
          Contact: ChagallDesign.com

Liturgical Vestments: Gaspard, Inc.
          Contact: www.gaspardinc.com

Liturgical Vestments: J.R. Evans and Company, Inc.
          Contact: www.jrevans.com

Liturgy & Music Resources: GIA Publications, Inc.
          Contact: www.giamusic.com

Liturgy & Music Resources: OCP
          Contact: www.ocp.org

Liturgy & Music Resources: United Catholic Artists
          Contact: www.UnitedCatholicArtists.org

Liturgy & Music Resources: ValLimar Jansen & Frank Jansen
          Contact: vallimar@hotmail.com

Ministry Awareness: U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps
          Contact: (800) 803-2452

Ministry Resources: African American Catholic Center for Evangelization
          Contact: aaccfe.com

Ministry Resources: California Catholic Conference/Respect Life Ministries
          Contact: www.cacatholic.org

Ministry Resources: Center for Ministry Development
          Contact: cmdnet.org

Ministry Resources: El Sembrador Ministries
          Contact: www.elsembrador.org

Mission: Catholic Church Extension Society
          Contact: www.catholicextension.org

Mission: Columban Mission Awareness Resources
          Contact: www.columban.org

Mission: Food for the Poor, Inc.
          Contact: www.foodforthepoor.com

Mission: Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
          Contact: www.maryknollsociety.org

Mission: Mustard Seed Communities
          Contact: mustardseed.com

Mission: Pontifical Mission Societies
          Contact: www.onefamilyinmission.org

Missionary: Comboni Missionaries
          Contact: (626) 339-1914

Missionary: Lay Mission-Helpers Association
          Contact: www.laymissionhelpers.org

Music: Catholic Association of Music
          Contact: www.CAMmusic.com

Music: Dennis Doyle/Incarnation Music
          Contact: english.glendale.edu/doyle.a.html

Music: Spiritandsong.com - a division of OCP
          Contact: www.spiritandsong.com

Music & Liturgy Resources: World Library Publications
          Contact: www.wlpmusic.com

Native Missionary Handcrafts: Centro Betania, Sisters of Mercy, Peru
          Contact: terrysaettarsm@gmail.com

Online Resources: CatholicSingles.com
          Contact: www.catholicsingles.com

Online Resources: MyCatholicVoice
          Contact: MyCatholicVoice.com

Online Resources: Spiritual Directors International
          Contact: sdiworld.org

Online Resources: UWS In Christ
          Contact: www.uwsinchrist.com

Parish Services: J.S. Paluch Company, Inc.
          Contact: www.jspaluch.com

Preneed Cemetery: Catholic Mortuaries
          Contact: www.catholicmortuaries.com

Religious Apparel: CATgear
          Contact: www.CATgear.com

Religious Apparel: La Cruz T-Shirts
          Contact: lacruzt@aol.com

Religious Apparel: PAX Clothing
          Contact: www.paxclothing.com

Religious Apparel: Seraph7
          Contact: www.seraph7.com

Religious Art: Center for Spiritual Development
          Contact: www.thecsd.com

Religious Art: Creator Mundi, Inc.
          Contact: www.creatormundi.com

Religious Art: King Richards West
          Contact: kingrichards.com

Religious Art: Relics
          Contact: knotts.sheila@yahoo.com

Religious Art: Sara K. Rubin Pottery and Sculpture
          Contact: rubin150@aol.com

Religious Art: SHCJ Art/France White
          Contact: shcj.org/white_reproductions.html

Religious Art: The Saint John's Bible
          Contact: www.sjbible.org

Religious Art: Val MacRae Designs/Sacred-Spiral
          Contact: sacred-spiral.com

Religious Art: Vietnam Catholic Artistic Crafts & Books
          Contact: (714) 260-4570

Religious Art & Supplies: Al's Art
          Contact: (818) 205-8952

Religious Articles: Abbey Market
          Contact: artshop@valyermo.com

Religious Articles: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Gift Shop
          Contact: www.olacathedral.org

Religious Articles: Fundación Ramon Pane
          Contact: www.fundacionpane.org

Religious Articles: Gifts From The Holyland
          Contact: www.giftsfromtheholyland.com

Religious Articles: Holyland Rocks
          Contact: www.holylandrocks.com

Religious Articles: Tree of Life Imports, Inc.
          Contact: www.thetreeoflifeimports.com

Religious Articles & Vestments: Ecumenicus USA
          Contact: www.religiousmerchandise.com

Religious Books: Ave Maria Press
          Contact: www.avemariapress.com

Religious Books: Buena Prensa
          Contact: www.litpress.org

Religious Books: Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Catholic Faith
          Contact: LeAnnThieman.com

Religious Books: Cistercian Publications
          Contact: www.cistercianpublications.org

Religious Books: Gethesemani Libreria Catolica, LLC
          Contact: www.gethesemani.com

Religious Books: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Religion Publishers
          Contact: www.harcourtreligion.com

Religious Books: Liturgical Press
          Contact: www.litpress.org

Religious Books: Our Sunday Visitor
          Contact: www.osv.com

Religious Books: Oxford University Press
          Contact: www.oup.com/us

Religious Books: St. Anthony Messenger Press
          Contact: AmericanCatholic.org

Religious Books: Wipf and Stock Publishers
          Contact: www.wipfandstock.com

Religious Books & Articles: Claretian Missionaries
          Contact: libreriaclaretiana@yahoo.com

Religious Books & Articles: Libreria Claretiana
          Contact: libreriaclaretiana@yahoo.com

Religious Education Resources: Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Van Nuys
          Contact: www.eparchy-of-van-nuys.org

Religious Education Resources: Carondelet Productions
          Contact: cproductions.org

Religious Education Resources: Concordia Publishing House
          Contact: www.cph.org

Religious Education Resources: Creative Communications
          Contact: www.creativecommunications.com

Religious Education Resources: Good Ground Press
          Contact: goodgroundpress.com

Religious Education Resources: Group Publishing
          Contact: group.com

Religious Education Resources: Hershey & Associates
          Contact: www.terryhershey.com

Religious Education Resources: Liguori Publications
          Contact: www.liguori.org

Religious Education Resources: Living The Good News
          Contact: livingthegoodnews.com

Religious Education Resources: Loyola Press
          Contact: www.loyolapress.com

Religious Education Resources: National Catholic Educational Association
          Contact: www.ncea.org

Religious Education Resources: Nest Family
          Contact: www.CharacterEd.com

Religious Education Resources: Nippert & Co Artworks
          Contact: catholicartworks.com

Religious Education Resources: Pflaum Publishing Group
          Contact: www.pflaum.com

Religious Education Resources: RCL Benziger
          Contact: RCLBenziger.com

Religious Education Resources: Sacred Heart Kids' Club/Club del Sagrado Corazon
          Contact: sacredheartsisters.com

Religious Education Resources: Saint Mary's Press
          Contact: www.smp.org

Religious Education Resources: Sandalstrap
          Contact: www.sandalstrap.com

Religious Education Resources: Storykeepers
          Contact: www.storykeepers.com

Religious Education Resources: Veritas Co Ltd
          Contact: www.veritas.ie

Religious Jewelry: 3 Arches USA
          Contact: www.holylandshopping.com

Religious Jewelry: Compelling Creations, Inc.
          Contact: www.compelling-creations.com

Religious Jewelry: Contreras Religious Art
          Contact: scontreras.com

Religious Jewelry: Faith-Sharing, Inc.
          Contact: www.faith-sharing.com

Religious Jewelry: Gold 'N Things
          Contact: (909) 579-0309

Religious Life: Brothers of the Sacred Heart
          Contact: brothersofthesacredheart.org

Religious Life: California Jesuits and Lay Partners
          Contact: jesuitscalifornia.org

Religious Life: Congregation of the Mission
          Contact: www.vincentian.org

Religious Life: De La Salle Christian Brothers
          Contact: www.brothersvocation.org

Religious Life: Dominican Family
          Contact: domlife.org/BeingDominican/WhoWeAre/BeingDominican

Religious Life: Dominican Friars
          Contact: www.dspt.edu

Religious Life: Immaculate Heart Community
          Contact: www.immaculateheartcommunity.org

Religious Life: Marianist Vocation Ministry
          Contact: www.marianist.com/vocations

Religious Life: Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity
          Contact: voc@msbt.org

Religious Life: Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity
          Contact: www.MissionaryServantsVocations.org

Religious Life: National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) - Region XI South
          Contact: www.nrvc.net

Religious Life: Sisters of Divine Providence
          Contact: www.divineprovidenceweb.org

Religious Life: Sisters of Notre Dame
          Contact: sndca.org/congress

Religious Life: Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
          Contact: www.SistersofProvidence.org

Religious Life: Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
          Contact: www.sistersofstjoseph.org

Religious Life: Sisters of the Holy Names
          Contact: jesuitscalifornia.org

Religious Life: Society of the Sacred Heart
          Contact: www.rscj.org

Religious Life: The Carmelite Friars/Order of Carmelites
          Contact: www.carmelites.net

Religious Publication: America Press, Inc.
          Contact: www.americamagazine.org

Religious Publication: Catechist Magazine
          Contact: www.catechist.com

Religious Publication: Catholic Digest
          Contact: catholicdigest.org

Religious Publication: Claretian Publications
          Contact: claretianpubs.org

Religious Publication: Commonweal Magazine
          Contact: www.commonwealmagazine.org

Religious Publication: The Word Among Us
          Contact: wau.org

Religious Publication: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
          Contact: www.usccbpublishing.org

Restorative Justice: Restorative Justice: California Catholic Conference
          Contact: restorejustice.com

Retreat Group Facility: St. Anne's in the Mountains Retreat Center
          Contact: mountaincatholic.org

Retreats & Seminars: Center for Action and Contemplation
          Contact: cacradicalgrace.org

Retreats & Seminars: Jesse Manibusan 2 x 2 Ministries
          Contact: jessemanibusan.com

Retreats & Seminars: Katrina Rae / Mizpah Ministries
          Contact: www.katrinarae.com

Saint Dolls: Soft Saints, Inc.
          Contact: www.softsaints.com

Spanish Bibles & Books: Ministerio Biblico Verbo Divino
          Contact: www.verbodivino.org

Spanish Religious Books: Editorial Verbo Divino
          Contact: www.verbodivino.es

Spanish Religious Publications: La Palabra Entre Nosotros
          Contact: www.wau.org

Spanish Religious Resources: Instituto Fe y Vida (Institute for Faith & Life)
          Contact: www.feyvida.org

Spanish Religious Resources: USAMadrid Books
          Contact: www.usamadrid.com

Stained Glass: Ancient Arts Stained Glass
          Contact: www.AncientArtsStainedGlass.com

Stoles & Clothing: Colores del Pueblo - a Fair Trade Organization
          Contact: www.coloresdelpueblo.org

Teen Video Resources: Outside da Box
          Contact: outsidedabox.com

Transportation: Transportation Charter Services, Inc.
          Contact: info@tcsbus.com

Travel: Catholic Travel Centre - Worldwide Tours & Pilgrimages
          Contact: www.GoCatholicTravel.com

Vocations: Order of the Most Holy Trinity
          Contact: www.trinitarians.org

Vocations: Saint John's Abbey
          Contact: abbeyvocations.com

Worship Space Solutions: Portable Prayer Life Chapels
          Contact: www.portablechapels.com

Youth Resources: Chastity.com
          Contact: www.chastity.com

Youth Resources: Cornerstone Media Inc.
          Contact: www.cornerstonemedia.org

Youth Resources: Girl Scouts, Camp Fire & Boy Scouts
          Contact: ccsala.org

Youth Resources: Life Teen
          Contact: www.lifeteen.com

Youth Resources: Salesian Youth Ministry
          Contact: sdbyouth@salesianym.org

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