The theme for Youth Day 2018, Dare to Believe!, is a direct embodiment of the message we receive from the readings of the day. In the first reading, we see Moses speaking with the Lord, imploring him to give the people of Egypt a second chance. From the readings, we know that the people of Egypt have strayed from their faith and are currently living in sin. Additionally, we see the close relationship between Moses and the Lord, where Moses reminds Him to be merciful to the people He had just saved. The Psalm carries the same message. The people had lost faith in God, and when it seems that the Lord is on the edge of losing faith in his people, the Psalmist boldly calls for the Lord to remember his favor of them. In the Gospel, we hear Jesus imploring the Jews to believe he is who he says he is – the savior they had been waiting for – instead of disregarding Him and distancing themselves so far from Him. The readings share a theme of a break in faith, a lack of belief. It is easy to think that the message may be about God’s mercy, but through closer analysis it is clear that the readings are connected through their focus on daring to have faith and believe, even through one’s doubts or after one has strayed away.

The theme Dare to Believe! speaks to the diversity of people present at Youth Day. The teens attending Youth Day are all in different places with their faith. Some may be on fire for the Lord, and others will be like the people described in the readings, experiencing a lack of belief. Dare to Believe! resonates with all of the teens, compelling them to go further in their faith. This message from the readings challenge teens to Dare to Believe! in Christ, even when they have hardships in life, or when they are experiencing great joy. It challenges them to find new ways of finding Christ in their everyday lives and really living as true disciples of Christ. Dare to Believe! will draw teens further into their faith, and leave them wanting more.