2018 RECongress Period 1

Religious Education Congress
Friday, March 16, 2018

10:00 - 11:30 am



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1-01  Rising Up to the Adult Challenge within the Gospels   ARENA 

We are meant to “rise up” daily from the many graves within which life buries us. We die a thousand deaths during the course of our lives. What are we meant to rise up to? What constitutes the mediocrity we are asked to rise up from? What constitutes the sanctity we are asked to rise up to? What are the hallmarks of a mature discipleship? What constitutes the virtues that Jesus describes as being deeper than those of normal religious practice? Rising up to more noble lives.

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI 

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. His books have been translated into many languages and his weekly column is carried by more than 80 publications worldwide. Previously, Fr. Rolheiser taught theology and philosophy at Newman Theological College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and served as Provincial Superior of his Oblate Province and on the General Council for the Oblates in Rome.

1-02 What Do Teens Desire to Receive During Their Preparation for Confirmation?   

Quite often in our churches preparation for the sacrament of confirmation focuses only on following a program or a book. This makes young people only feel like spectators of their faith. During this session, we are going to review the invitation made by Pope Francis during the 2016 World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, to the youth of the world: “Dear young people, we didn’t come to this world to vegetate. … No, we came to leave a mark.” During this session, we will be talking about how we can take advantage of this time of preparation to excite young people in their Catholic faith.

Katherine Angulo 

Born in Mexico and raised in Colombia, Katherine Angulo is fluent in English, Spanish and French. She has over 18 years’ experience in youth ministry. Presently, she is Associate Director of Youth Ministry at the Office of Formation and Discipleship for the Atlanta Archdiocese. Angulo is also Editor of THE MARK Catholic teen magazine and Executive Producer for the volunteer training program, Called to Accompany/Llamados a Acompañar. She has presented at numerous diocesan and national events.

1-03 Ministry: Pastoral, Poor and Missionary   

Pope Francis wants the Church to be pastoral, poor and missionary. If this is the mission of the Church then it is also the foundation for all ministry. This session presents theologies of ministry and focuses on the notions of ministry as pastoral, poor and missionary. It will tackle the issues ministers face within the Southwest Border reality such as prophetic stances, mystical spirituality of ministry, immigration advocacy and social justice.

Msgr. Arturo J. Bañuelas, STD 

Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas is a national speaker, missionary trainer, author and immigrant rights activist. He is a native of the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, where he serves as Pastor of St. Mark Parish. In 1988, Msgr. Bañuelas founded the Tepeyac Institute (a diocesan ministry formation center) and, in 1989, he co-founded the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States. In 2015, Msgr. Bañuelas became founding Chair of the Hope Border Institute. He continues to be active in missionary work and interfaith dialogue.

1-04   Deepening Our Appreciation of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ   

One week after the Religious Education Congress ends, we will walk into our churches to commemorate the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. It will be Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. This workshop will “break open” the Passion narratives in the Gospels by deepening our understanding of the symbols and language used in the sacred texts to communicate the faithfulness of Christ and the activity of God in these powerful and painful scenes ending with the death of Jesus on the cross. If time permits, we will end this workshop in prayer with the Litany of the Passion, written by the great Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Rev. John C. Cusick 

Fr. John Cusick, a priest of the Chicago Archdio­cese, served as creator, coordinator and Director of their Young Adult Ministry from 1970-2013. He also was an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. In February 2012, he received the Blessed John XXIII Award from the Association of Chicago Priests for “significant contributions to the life of the Church in Chicago.” He continues to speak at Church conferences and preach parish missions locally and nationally.

1-05   Engaging Youth in Evangelization   

Young people live in a different world from the generation of their parents and teachers. This workshop will present challenges and suggestions to engage youth to become missionary disciples. This year, Pope Francis has summoned us in a new approach through a synod with the topic, “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment,” Pope Francis said that the Church has decided to examine herself on how she can lead young people to recognize and accept the call to the fullness of life and love, and to ask young people to help her in identifying the most effective ways to announce the Good News today.

Ivan Diaz 

Born and raised in Colombia, Ivan Diaz is a songwriter, educator and clinician who is involved in diocesan youth conventions, Hispanic charismatic conventions, music workshops and events across the country. In addition to his role as Music Director at St. Francis de Sales Church in Miami Beach, Fla., Diaz is a high school choral director. His latest release with OCP, “Nuestra Alegria / Our Joy,” was chosen as the official youth and young adult song for Encuentro V. He has appeared on EWTN and the Jesus Christ Network.

1-06  Service: “Projects” or a Way of Life?

Jesus said that he “did not come to be served but to serve.” His disciples say the same. We will examine the place of service in our catechetical programs and whether it moves beyond “projects done to get confirmation” to daily integration in a life of discipleship. We will explore and share ways to make that happen.

Carole Eipers, DMin 

Dr. Carole Eipers is a National Catechetical Advisor for William H. Sadlier, Inc., and Pastoral Associate at Queen of All Saints Parish in Chicago. She was formerly Director of the Office for Catechesis for the Chicago Archdiocese as well as President of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. Dr. Eipers has presented nationally and internationally primarily on the topic of catechesis. A published author, her latest book is entitled, “Pep Talks for Catholic Teachers.”

1-07  Fire ’em Up for Jesus!   

Are you looking for ways to help children get energized about their faith? Are you ready to create a learning environment that is filled with excitement? If so, don’t miss this workshop. We will explore creative activities and techniques that can be used in the catechetical setting with elementary children to foster joy, enthusiasm and faith that is on fire!

Steven Ellair 

Steven Ellair is a national speaker with Saint Mary’s Press and currently Managing Editor for Curricula and Content Engagement Specialist. He has been involved in catechetical ministry for 25 years as a parish catechist, youth minister, Catholic schoolteacher and archdiocesan educational consultant. Ellair has been involved in Catholic publishing for over 13 years and continues to write and speak nationally on issues related to catechesis. He has presented at national religious education events for over 20 years.

1-08 “I Can’t Even!” – Thriving and Surviving Stress and Anxiety   

Using music, story and humor, Fr. Rob Galea will offer young adults some tips on how to function and thrive in spite of stress, anxiety and even depression.

Fr. Rob Galea  

International Catholic speaker Fr. Rob Galea serves in the Diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia. In addition to his series of recordings and CD releases, the singer/songwriter has also written a number of songs for various international conferences and sang on the English version of the 2016 World Youth Day song, “Blessed Are The Merciful.” Fr. Galea is co-founder and Director of “Stronger,” a youth program spreading to various dioceses that is fast-becoming one of Australia’s largest Catholic youth movements.

1-09  Faith: The Renewal of Mind and Heart

At the core of Christian life is the surrendering of our minds and hearts to God, which can only be done in and through the grace of faith. This workshop will address the concept of faith in relationship to the Church’s theology of grace, and its practical implications for daily living.

Dr. Greer G. Gordon 

Dr. Greer Gordon is a Roman Catholic theologian and lecturer who served as diocesan director in Boston; Washington, D.C.; Oakland, Calif.; and Baton Rouge, La. She is author of “Symphonies of the Heart” and “Heritage and Vision,” the “Church and Ministry” video program and numerous articles for Give Us This Day. Dr. Gordon was one of eight American women invited by the Vatican to respond to John Paul II’s encyclical on women and the first woman to deliver the Baccalaureate Address at Boston University.

1-10  Soft Hearts from Hard Places   

We know that we should practice love. But here’s the deal: Love can only spill from a heart that has been softened and in most cases broken. Terry Hershey teaches us how to live and love from a soft heart: the permission to see the world – this day – through the eyes of our heart. It happens when we allow ourselves to feel, fully and wholly, without a need to defend or explain. When we allow ourselves to receive love and kindness without suspicion. When we are free to embrace an extraordinary core of strength and courage that resides inside of us, and let it spill to those around us.

Rev. Terry Hershey 

Terry Hershey is an inspirational speaker, humorist, author, dad, Protestant minister and landscape designer on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. The internationally renowned speaker and retreat facilitator regularly travels throughout the United States and Canada. His work has been featured on The Hallmark Channel, CNN, PBS and NPR and his gardens and books have been featured in magazines and newspapers of the Pacific Northwest.

1-11  How to Learn the Art of Accompaniment   

Pope Francis has had a lot to say to the church and the world over the past few years, but there is no pastoral strategy he has emphasized more than pastoral accompaniment. In this lively workshop, Bill Huebsch will help us consider the principles and practices of accompaniment as they are presented by Pope Francis and the Church. We will find that, as we learn to accompany others, we open the door for many who felt they were edged out of church life.

Bill Huebsch 

Bill Huebsch has been a farmer, a writer, a diocesan administrator, a master catechist, a college professor and a spiritual director. He is on the adjunct faculty at the Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Huebsch has published more than 30 booklets and books on spirituality and ministry, including “The Art of Accompaniment,” “How God Speaks to Us in Prayer,” and several others. For many years, he has maintained a busy international lecture schedule.

1-12  Creating Peace in Times of Crisis   

“If you are here at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, it is probably because you are a person who yearns for more and more of God’s love in your heart, in your relationships and in this world,” challenges ValLimar Jansen. As we are inundated each day with so many experiences, we find that we can bump up against unacknowledged prejudices in our own hearts and in our communities. Once acknowledged, how do we build bridges and create peace?

ValLimar Jansen 

ValLimar Jansen is a composer, singer, storyteller, speaker and evangelizer. She received critical acclaim for her solo albums, “You Gotta Move” and “Anointing,” winning UNITY Awards recognition in 2008 and 2010. Jansen was MC for the 2011 National Catholic Youth Conference held in Indianapolis, and served as co-MC for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ gatherings at the 2016 World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. She and her husband, Frank, performed for over 300,000 people at the Loreto/Angora international papal event in Italy.

1-13  Faith and Politics in the Hebrew Scriptures

It is often assumed that faith and politics are unrelated matters; however, the Hebrew Scriptures from the very beginning are rooted in the assumption that faith and politics are necessarily linked and this linkage informs how we are to understand our God, our faith, our responsibilities and even our salvation as a Christian community. To be a “holy” people, it turns out, means that we will be very interested and engaged in politics, with a very specific political bias.

Jack Jezreel 

Jack Jezreel is the original author of JustFaith and founder of JustFaith Ministries. He is a writer, speaker and teacher, focusing on the linkage between faith and compassion and a parish renewal strategy that draws from Pope Francis’ emphasis on “missionary disciples.” Over the last 15 years, he has given hundreds of presentations, including Keynote Addresses, continuing education for clergy and diocesan staff as well as parish, regional and national convenings. Jezreel was Keynote at the 2011 Religious Education Congress.

1-14  Hope Is a Choice That Matters Today   

Hope is a powerful emotion that arises from the most basic human longings – it is a life-sustaining force, rooted in relationship and our relationship with the future. Today, in our challenging and chaotic time, hope is more essential than ever. In our time together, we will explore the connection between reality, grief and hope, and how our thoughts and feelings create the energy of hope. Also, we will examine some core competencies to help us move beyond our personal and present limits to create a better world, and explore our call to be hope providers.

Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, PhD 

Dr. Lynn Levo, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is a lecturer and licensed consulting psychologist, based in Albany, N.Y. She has presented nationally and internationally on fostering healthy integrated sexuality, celibacy, relationships, intimacy, mutuality in community, and emotional intelligence. Sr. Levo has presented at the L.A. Congress and annually to five Inter-Community Novitiate programs in the United States. She also works with women’s congregations in France, Ireland, India and Africa.

1-15  Rise Up and Sing! Joyful Songs of Faith for Schools and Parishes   

Music and song enable us to joyfully praise God as we share the core of our faith tradition. Teachers, catechists, music ministers (and all who just love to sing!) are invited to experience a selection of vibrant songs from Australian Michael Mangan. Bring your voice and experience repertoire that is sure to have your parish and school communities rising up to sing with joy!

Michael Mangan 

Michael Mangan is a composer, teacher and music liturgist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The former elementary school Music Specialist Teacher has over 250 compositions that are used in parishes and schools throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Mangan is President of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network, a member of the Australian Academy of Liturgy, and Music Director at All Saints Catholic Parish in Brisbane. His latest music collection is entitled “Let the Children Come.”

1-16  To Redeem the Soul of America: King’s Vision and Challenge Today   

Martin Luther King’s mission during the civil rights movement was not just to achieve racial integration; his deepest goal was “to redeem the soul of America.” This session revisits King’s vision and its relevance for today, and explores its challenges for the U.S. Catholic Church.

Fr. Bryan N. Massingale, STD 

Fr. Bryan Massingale, a priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, is Theology Professor at Fordham University in New York. A noted authority on Catholic moral theology and social ethics, he has lectured extensively on ethical and racial justice issues both internationally and throughout the United States. Fr. Massingale is a previous Religious Education Congress Keynoter, a former President of the Catholic Theological Society of America and has been a leader of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium.

1-17  Ascent to Jerusalem, Ascent to Holiness   

Jerusalem is the holy city in Judaism and Christianity. In this session, we will look at the history and place of Jerusalem in Judaism and Christianity and how the real city became so important to the faith of both religions. Jerusalem is vital to our respective spiritual lives. We will explore how Jerusalem animates our faith.

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn 

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn is a Reform Rabbi who teaches the Bible, both Hebrew and New Testament, offering Jewish insights into Sacred Scriptures. Rabbi Mayersohn has spoken and taught as a rabbi, and from 2003 until the present, has spoken at over 20 churches in Orange County, San Diego and Arizona teaching Jewish roots of Christianity and Bible studies. He has presented at the Religious Education Congress since 2010. His latest book is entitled, “I Was There: The Jewish Olive Grower Who Knew Jesus.”

1-18  Overcoming Obstacles: Trusting in God’s Plan  

After being diagnosed with scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) at 12 years old, Brandi Milloy was fitted with a back brace that she wore for nearly four years. Targeted for her differences, she was bullied, ridiculed and ostracized by her peers. She excelled in soccer; however, the same month she was offered a chance to play college soccer, doctors told her she would need to undergo extensive back surgeries forfeiting her chances at being a college athlete. Despite these obstacles, Brandi continued to pursue her dream of going to college and becoming a journalist. Her talk will focus on the importance of keeping the faith and trusting in God’s plan and timing.

Brandi Milloy 

Brandi Milloy is host and producer for POP­SUGAR Food’s shows “Eat the Trend” and “Get the Dish,” is a regular contributor on the Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets” and serves as a judge on chef Guy Fieri’s show, “Guy’s Grocery Games,” on the Food Network. She appears on NBC’s “The Today Show” as a Today Tastemaker. Milloy has also appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Access Hollywood.” Off camera, her appearances have spanned from local high school events to regional and national conferences.

1-19  Dwell Among Them: Exploring Incarnation-driven Ministry   

When we read the words in John’s Gospel, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us,” we are immersing ourselves in the reality of the Incarnation – the moment when God became man so that we could be in relationship with him. Does our ministry seek to do the same? Are we striving to build relationships with young people, new parishioners, families and total strangers in an attempt to help them build their own relationship with Jesus? There are very specific things we can, and should, do – the lives we live, the things we do and say, and the attitude we maintain are all critically important if we are going to draw people closer to Christ and the truth.

Katie Prejean McGrady 

Katie Prejean McGrady is a theology teacher at St. Louis Catholic High School and Youth Director at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Lake Charles, La. She is author of “Room 24: Adventures of a New Evangelist” and, since 2007, she has been traveling throughout North America and across Canada using her original blend of humor and story­telling to speak at events ranging from small sessions to national conferences.

1-20  Self-Compassion in an Era of Endless Activity

The person that church ministers often forget to be kind to is their own self. They diligently tend to others and what needs to be done and get lost in the dust-storm of activity. While a focus on service defines a disciple of Christ, if attentive presence is not given to the one who serves, a dedicated sense of purpose can easily slide into fatigue and burnout. Come, give yourself the gift of being re-inspired and refreshed as Joyce Rupp shares how Jesus was self-compassionate and how those who serve in his name can do likewise.

Joyce Rupp, OSM 

Sr. Joyce Rupp, a member of the Servants of Mary community, is a spiritual director who has been a facilitator and speaker at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally for 30 years. She is a freelance writer and well-known award-winning author of numerous best-selling books, including “Fragments of Your Ancient Name,” “Prayer Seeds” and “Boundless Compassion.” Based in West Des Moines, Iowa, Sr. Rupp was a hospice volunteer for 15 years who now serves as Co-Director of Boundless Compassion programs.

1-21  Praying the Mass Like Never Before   

While many people go to Mass every week, very few know what it is to worship. Certainly, we show up and do our best to “pay attention,” but for too many of us this just means we watch closely. You have been given a gift that you have most likely left unused – a gift unused because it is largely unknown. This workshop will uncover this unknown and unused gift, so that you can stop watching the Mass and start worshiping at Mass.

Rev. Michael Schmitz 

Fr. Michael Schmitz is Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth, Minn., and serves as Chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-­Duluth. He offers weekly homilies on iTunes and Bulldog­Catholic.org and has appeared in programs for youth and young adults through Ascension Press, as well as through short video messages on Ascension Presents. Fr. Schmitz has preached to youth and young adults across the country.

1-22  Shepherding Communities in Times of Change   

Merging parishes, changing priests, new Mass settings ... yet, through it all, the parish staff and community is there, the faithful remnant. Relying on the power and leadership of the Spirit, we can help a community through change, but it requires a certain spirituality to do it well. We need to nurture in ourselves the heart of a shepherd.

Dan Schutte  

Dan Schutte is one of the most influential composers of Catholic music for liturgy in the English-speaking world. Some of his most celebrated songs – “Here I Am, Lord,” “City of God,” “Sing a New Song” – are from his years of collaboration with the St. Louis Jesuits. His more recent collections include “To Praise You” and the Mass setting, “Mass of Christ the Savior.” With 50 years of teaching and workshops in liturgy and music, Schutte travels extensively. He is currently Composer-In-Residence at the University of San Francisco.

1-23  Praise You, Lord! Pope Francis & the Biblical Theology of Creation as a Source of Christian Spirituality   

In his remarkable encyclical, Laudato Sí (“Praise you, Lord”), Pope Francis calls the threat to the environment the “greatest moral crisis of our time” and reflects on the biblical theology of creation as the basis for an “ecological spirituality.” This workshop will amplify the beautiful creation theology found in the Bible and consider its meaning for Christian life today.

Fr. Donald Senior, CP 

Fr. Donald Senior is President Emeritus of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he is Professor of New Testament. Born in Philadelphia, he is a member of the Passionist Congregation and was ordained a priest in 1967. Fr. Senior has published both scholarly and popular works on Scripture, is a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout the United States and abroad, and serves on numerous boards and commissions. He has served the last three Popes as a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

1-24  Forgiveness as a Path to Peace   

Our rich Christian tradition of forgiveness is being rediscovered as a precious “resource.” Join Cardinal Luis Tagle as he leads us in the search for peace in our hearts, families, parishes, communities and the whole world.

Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle 

In 2012, Cardinal Luis Tagle was installed as the 32nd Archbishop of Manila, Philippines, by Pope Benedict XVI. He formerly served as Rector at Our Lady of the Pillar Seminary in Imus, Cavite, Philippines, and as an instructor of theology and a spiritual director. Cardinal Tagle has made numerous presentations at conferences worldwide. He has served as a member on several commissions, appointed by various Popes and more recently was named as one of the Synod Fathers for the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization.

1-25  Middle School Mayhem or Miracle!   

Our young adolescents are demanding, yet excellent in so many ways. How can we best serve this incredible population with great faith formation and inspiring discipleship? Come learn proven methods and compelling theories in this workshop!

Doug Tooke 

Based in Helena, Mont., Doug Tooke is Director of Partnerships for ODB Films and owner of Monarch Catholic Ministries. He has over 20 years of professional ministry experience and has traveled to over 75 dioceses teaching, keynoting conventions and training youth ministers. Tooke has presented at World Youth Day, the National Catholic Youth Conference and the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry, and continues to serve as a leader in the field.

1-26  Seek the Living God – Five Questions for Conversion   

Do you struggle with keeping adults engaged and leading them to lifelong discipleship? If so, this workshop is for you. Once you discover how to utilize five simple questions, you will be able to help your seekers create and follow through on their own unique faith-formation plan. You will leave this workshop with more confidence and an effective tool for guiding people to deeper conversion.

Nick Wagner 

Nick Wagner is Director and co-founder of the online resource TeamRCIA.com. He has more than 35 years’ experience as a leader and trainer in ministries, serving as a diocesan director of worship and a parish liturgist. He was 25 years of experience speaking at national, diocesan and parish training events and 20 years as an active team member with the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Wagner is author of several publications, including “Seek the Living God: Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples.”

1-27  It Takes Courage to Be a Parent Today   

Parenting is both a joy and a challenge in this world. We love our children without limits. We simply do not always appreciate their choices! This interactive, positive session will assist us in giving encouragement successfully to build our children’s confidence. In addition, we will learn to improve our ability to discipline our children to assist them to develop the skills of responsibility. Becoming a parent is a gift from God; being a parent requires all the graces he can give us.

Char Wenc, MEd, LCPC 

Internationally known professional speaker, coach and author, Char Wenc is President of Char Wenc Communication. She is a professor at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies at Loyola University Chicago and teaches in the doctrinal programs at the School of Professional Psychology at Adler University in Chicago. Wenc’s passion for the topics of parenting and teaching is seen in her writings and speaking, and she is a frequent speaker at the L.A. Congress and elsewhere.

1-70  “Chổi dậy đi, bạn ơi”   

Lời Đức Giê-su nói với người thanh niên quá cố, đứa con trai duy nhất của bà góa thành Naim (Luca 7:14) lại thôi thúc tôi hằng ngày, mời gọi tôi chỗi dậy khỏi những tật nguyền và bại liệt của mình vì những đam mê do ma quỷ, thế gian và xác thịt, để tôi dược giải thoát và sống hết mình, sống thật trọn vẹn ý nghĩa đời người như Lời Chúa hằng vang vọng thẳm sâu trong tôi: “Hỡi con, được cả thế gian này mà đánh mất chính mình thì được ích gì?” (Luca 9:25); và “Ta dến cho con được sống và sống dồi dào!” (Gioan 10:10).


“Arise, young man!” (Luke 7:14) – this was Jesus’ command to the dead young man, the only son of the widow in Nairn. This call urges us daily to rise up from impairment and paralysis because of the desires of the flesh, and gives us the power to be free of such temptations and to live life truthfully and fully, as the words of the Lord keep reminding us of our own inner depth: “What profit is there for you to gain the whole world, and yet lose your very self?” (Luke 9:25); and “I have come that you may have life, and have it fully” (John 10:10).

LM Giuse-Maria Hoàng Tiến Đoàn, SJ

Hiện đang là Chánh xứ giáo xứ Thánh Phanxicô Xaviê đồng thời cũng là Trung Tâm Công Giáo của người Nhật tại Los Angeles. Từ năm 2003 đến năm 2015 được bề trên chỉ định là Linh Hướng Hội Tông Đồ Cầu Nguyện của Tỉnh Dòng Tên California, và của Tổng Giáo Phận Los Angeles đặc trách hướng dẫn các Khóa Tĩnh Tâm và giảng huấn trong các buổi hội thảo và các khóa học hỏi để phổ biến lòng Tôn Sùng Thánh Tâm Chúa Giêsu, Thánh Thể và Thánh Lễ tại nhiều nơi trên Nước Mỹ, Canada, Âu Châu, Nhật Bản, Úc Châu và Việt Nam.

Fr. Doan Hoang, SJ, STL

Fr. Doan Hoang is Pastor at St. Francis Xavier Church at the Japanese Catholic Center in Los Angeles. He also served the California Province of the Society of Jesus and as Director of the Apostleship of Prayer for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Fr. Hoang has worked as a preacher, retreat master and instructor of parish missions, retreats, workshops and seminars in many parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and Vietnam.