2018 RECongress Period 4

Religious Education Congress
Saturday, March 17, 2018

10:00 - 11:30 am



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4-01  Evangelization Through Beauty    ARENA

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis recommends the via pulchritudinis (“the way of beauty”) as a privileged evangelical path. The Catholic tradition is marked by a reverence for the beautiful. We should be able to take advantage of this treasure trove for the propagation of the Gospel.

Bishop Robert Barron

Catholic evangelist and international speaker Bishop Robert Barron is an Auxiliary Bishop for the Los Angeles Archdiocese and founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. He is host of the PBS documentary, “Catholicism,” and has published numerous books, essays, articles on theology and the spiritual life. Bishop Barron is a religion correspondent for NBC and has appeared on FOX News, CNN and EWTN. Bishop Barron has lectured widely in the United States and abroad and is a frequent presenter at the L.A. Congress.

4-02  The Freedom to Engage in Youthful Mission  

One of the most remarkable qualities of Jesus of Nazareth was his ability to engage people from different cultures and walks of life. Such a quality stems from his freedom from prejudice and his love for all humanity. This same quality is also present at Pentecost, as the disciples free themselves from their fear, led by the Holy Spirit to the joyful proclamation of the Gospel. This workshop explores such qualities applied to ministry with the young church in parishes and in society.

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus is Assistant Director of the Secretariat for Cultural Diversity in the Church at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C. He has been a consultant to civic institutions, non-profit organizations and corporations on multicultural issues. Aguilera-Titus has 30 years of experience in ministry with a strong emphasis in pastoral planning, leadership development and formation, catechesis, and ministry with young people. He is also a nationally known speaker and writer.

4-03  Dancing Through the Holy Land  

Have you dreamed of going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Come dance your way through the sacred sites of Israel. With slides and images inviting you into a prayer of the imagination, whirl with David at the Western Wall, gesture Mary’s prayer in Nazareth, sway with the Babe in Bethlehem, embody the Beatitudes, step into the story of the sisters at Bethany, pray with Jesus through the Garden of Gethsemane, and rise to new life as we roll away the stone! All simple dances can be used in your home worship setting. (Michael Mangan will provide musical accompaniment.)

Betsey Beckman, MM

Betsey Beckman is a movement artist, teacher, producer, author and founder of The Dancing Word: Embodying the Sacred in Liturgy and Life. Her ministry includes liturgical movement, online prayer resources created with Abbey of the Arts, embodied arts retreats, and spiritual direction. The freelance choreographer presents at local classes and festivals to national conferences and has several DVD series. Beckman is also Director of Movement Ministry at her home parish of St. Patrick Church in Seattle.

Michael Mangan

Michael Mangan is a composer, teacher and music liturgist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The former elementary school Music Specialist Teacher has over 250 compositions that are used in parishes and schools throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Mangan is President of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network, a member of the Australian Academy of Liturgy, and Music Director at All Saints Catholic Parish in Brisbane. His latest music collection is entitled “Let the Children Come.”

4-04  In the Likeness: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness  

From the experience of working with gang members for 30 years, Fr. Greg Boyle will talk about what members of one of society’s most demonized populations have taught him about humility and fidelity, goodness and God. The measure of our compassion lies not in our service to those on the margins but only in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them. Fr. Boyle will explore the hope for those at the margins – to create a community of kinship such that God might recognize.

Rev. Gregory J. Boyle, SJ

From 1986-92, Fr. Greg Boyle served as Pastor of Dolores Mission in Los Angeles and, in 1988, along with parish community members started Homeboy Industries, now the largest gang rehabilitation program in the world. The author and speaker has received the California Peace Prize and been inducted into the California Hall of Fame. In 2017, Fr. Boyle received the University of Notre Dame’s Laetare medal, the oldest and most prestigious award given to American Catholics.

4-05  My Spirit Soars, My Spirit Sings! Songs & Strategies to Raise Hearts and Voices in faith formation for Children  

We’ve all experienced that feeling – being in a full church or hall or stadium, with the congregation or crowd singing one song in one voice. Shivers down the spine and tears in the eyes! Music has this power to lift our spirits, unite us in Spirit, to rise up as one. Come and join Andrew Chinn as he shares songs gathered from his decades of experience as an elementary teacher and music minister, that will raise voices and spirits, educate in our faith and celebrate with joy (even seventh- and eighth-graders)!

Andrew Chinn

Andrew Chinn worked as a teacher in Catholic elementary schools in Sydney, Australia, for nearly 20 years before moving into full-time music ministry as Director of Butterfly Music. He has performed in more than 2,000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Chinn has released numerous CDs, DVDs and picture books for children. In 2013, he became part of the WLP family, which now distributes his works in North America.

4-06  How to Answer Questions of Faith from Young Adults

Surely there are young people in your life who have questions about the Catholic faith – and maybe you are sometimes at a loss for how to answer them. Every weekday on “The Busted Halo Show” on SiriusXM radio, Fr. Dave Dwyer answers questions from people from all over the country of varied experiences of religious faith, from the most devout to those with barely any faith connection. In this interactive workshop, Fr. Dave will demonstrate how any of us can open a door to those with questions about our faith.

Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP

Paulist priest Fr. Dave Dwyer is Executive Director of Busted Halo Ministries, publisher of BustedHalo.com and YoungAdultMinistrylnaBox.com, and host of the “Sacraments 101” videos and “The Busted Halo Show” on Channel 129 on SiriusXM radio. Fr. Dwyer has appeared on CNN, Fox News and NBC News as well as “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Daily Show.” The former campus minister at the University of Colorado and the University of Texas has been a major keynote speaker at Catholic events for the past 10 years.

4-07  Evangelization: A Church Which Goes Forth

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis calls us to be a Church which “goes forth.” What does that mean? What are the simple ways that we can respond to the call to evangelize and catechize others for this critical mission of the Church? We will reflect on our successes and examine the potentials for serving evangelization and forming evangelizers.

Carole Eipers, DMin

Dr. Carole Eipers is a National Catechetical Advisor for William H. Sadlier, Inc., and Pastoral Associate at Queen of All Saints Parish in Chicago. She was formerly Director of the Office for Catechesis for the Chicago Archdiocese as well as President of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. Dr. Eipers has presented nationally and internationally primarily on the topic of catechesis. A published author, her latest book is entitled, “Pep Talks for Catholic Teachers.”

4-08  The Communion of Saints: The Mystical Heart of Christianity  

At times, being Catholic looks like simply going through the motions of pray, pay and obey! But, we are made and are longing for something more, something profound, something bedazzling. And, like Dorothy at the end of her journey to Oz, we know there is no place like home. For Christians, home is in the heart of God ... the divine Trinity. We share in that home as a communion of saints, in the communion of God, in the depths of love. Be ready to “go deep” and celebrate the allure of the mystical heart of Christianity.

Rev. Richard Fragomeni

A priest of the Diocese of Albany, N.Y., Fr. Richard Fragomeni is Associate Professor of Liturgy and Homiletics at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he is also Chair of the Department of Word and Worship. He has written widely on liturgy, music, symbolism, the Catechumenate, the Eucharist and liturgies with children, among other subjects. In addition to his teaching and preaching duties, Fr. Fragomeni serves as spiritual director for the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, an Italian-American parish in Chicago’s Little Italy.

4-09  Living the Discerning Life: The Teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola  

In this workshop, we will explore St. Ignatius of Loyola’s teaching on discernment as applied to daily living. We will focus specifically on Ignatius’ classic rules (practical guidelines) for discerning what is of God and what is not in our daily spiritual experiences. We will examine Ignatius’ own experience, clarify the basic steps in discernment of spirits, and then indicate the practical tools Ignatius supplies for responding to spiritual consolation (joy in the Lord) and spiritual desolation (discouragement in the spiritual life). Ignatius’ primary focus in these 14 rules is to “set captives free” from the discouragement of spiritual desolation.

Fr. Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV

Fr. Timothy Gallagher, an Oblate of the Virgin Mary, is a spiritual director and former provincial who currently holds the St. Ignatius Chair for Spiritual Formation at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver. For 35 years he has taught Ignatian spirituality at parishes, seminaries, retreat centers and conference centers both nationally and internationally. Fr. Gallagher is author of digital resources and eight books on Ignatian spirituality. He often appears on the Eternal Word Television Network.

4-10  Immigration and the Love of Neighbor  

Red or blue, pro or against, ban or sanctuary? Does our Christian tradition offer multiple ways to respond to the suffering immigrant neighbor, or just one? Is the United States a perfect land of opportunity and freedom, or is it a land that needs to examine its conscience, admit mistakes and resolve to do better? In this session, theologian Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu examines these complicated and fraught questions by the light of history and the contemporary situation, asking for a truly Christian response from people of good will everywhere in the world.

Dr. Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu

Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu is Professor of Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is an award-winning author of books including “Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty” and “Teaching Global Theologies: Power and Praxis.” In addition to many scholarly articles, Prof. Gonzalez-Andrieu is a frequent essayist for America magazine and a member of the Board of the Ignatian Solidarity Network. She teaches and presents public lectures frequently both locally and nationally.

4-11  Turning to the Historical Jesus and his Revolution for Catechists  

The contemporary turn to “the historical Jesus” by Catholic Scripture scholars poses a revolution in both the content and process of catechesis and religious education. In the Jesus of history, we find the defining content for what to teach and the pedagogy for how to teach it. It signals a new day for the Church’s whole catechetical and evangelizing ministry.

Dr. Thomas Groome

Dr. Tom Groome is Professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, where he also serves as Director of the Church in the 21st Century Center. The award-winning author has written or edited 10 books and numerous articles and essays. Dr. Groome has made over 800 public presentations throughout the last 42 years, nationally and internationally, including all the major North American conferences of religious educators, Catholic educators and pastoral ministers.

4-12  Pass It On: Balancing Faith in Family Life  

How do we ensure the Catholic faith is being lived out in our own marriage, family and home? How can we empower those in the parish to create domestic churches? How do we help those who minister not to allow their own prayer lives and families to be lost while serving the greater church? How do we enliven the next generation to carry on this gift of the Catholic faith for centuries to come? Mark Hart will offer insights, ideas and solutions to help keep your family well-balanced and holy in the midst of stress and busyness.

Mark Hart

Mark Hart serves as Executive Vice President for Life Teen International, a Catholic youth ministry movement implemented in 1,800 parishes in 30 countries worldwide. The popular speaker has traveled the globe and is a reoccurring guest and co-host on SiriusXM Radio. Hart is a best-selling and award-winning author and co-author of over a dozen books. His three DVD study series – “Altaration,” “Encounter” and “T3” – are utilized across the globe.

4-13  Making a Difference: Being Not Just the Best IN the World but the Best FOR the World  

Have you ever asked: “Why should I care anymore?” Yes, life is difficult. Yes, obstacles are real. But if we see it only as a struggle, our mindset is consumed by the next bigger and badder thing. And we never arrive. Terry Hershey helps us see that we are not being asked to let go of the obstacle; we can let go of the struggle. Our letting go is predicated on a holding onto. Meaning that this obstacle – whether pain or fear or limitation – is wrapped around an incredible and grace-filled gift: the sacrament of the present moment, an inner life fueled by a capacity to doubt, question, dare, connect, forgive, risk, receive, contribute, delight and live unabashedly unafraid.

Rev. Terry Hershey

Terry Hershey is an inspirational speaker, humorist, author, dad, Protestant minister and landscape designer on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. The internationally renowned speaker and retreat facilitator regularly travels throughout the United States and Canada. His work has been featured on The Hallmark Channel, CNN, PBS and NPR and his gardens and books have been featured in magazines and newspapers of the Pacific Northwest.

4-14  How to Recognize Grace When You See It  

In this exciting workshop, we will consider grace, which is how God dwells with us in the nitty gritty of our daily lives. God’s graceful indwelling continually shapes and calls us. We experience this grace in many ways, but we often don’t recognize it, or having seen it, don’t embrace it. Bill Huebsch offers us a practical and exciting guide to help us recognize grace when we see it: in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Recognizing grace helps us “get up and do what needs to be done”!

Bill Huebsch

Bill Huebsch has been a farmer, a writer, a diocesan administrator, a master catechist, a college professor and a spiritual director. He is on the adjunct faculty at the Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Huebsch has published more than 30 booklets and books on spirituality and ministry, including “The Art of Accompaniment,” “How God Speaks to Us in Prayer,” and several others. For many years, he has maintained a busy international lecture schedule.

4-15  Rise Up to Happiness and Joy  

According to the latest U.S. Census, statistics show there are numerous things American women face each day that can cause pessimism and despair. Nonetheless, they “rise up” each day with a firm commitment to walk in joy and create happiness. Happiness is more than something you find or controlled by the wheel of fate. Joy is fruit of the Holy Spirit. There are many steps one can take each day to cultivate joy. Join ValLimar Jansen and learn proven methods to increase joy and happiness in your life. She will use music, prayer, Sacred Scripture, secular stories and scientific research on joy and happiness.

ValLimar Jansen

ValLimar Jansen is a composer, singer, storyteller, speaker and evangelizer. She received critical acclaim for her solo albums, “You Gotta Move” and “Anointing,” winning UNITY Awards recognition in 2008 and 2010. Jansen was MC for the 2011 National Catholic Youth Conference held in Indianapolis, and served as co-MC for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ gatherings at the 2016 World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. She and her husband, Frank, performed for over 300,000 people at the Loreto/Angora international papal event in Italy.

4-16  Faith and Politics in the Gospels

It is not uncommon to bump into Catholic expressions that seem to disregard the world of political engagement as optional or lesser or even to be avoided. However, our Catholic tradition makes clear that political involvement is both a necessary and constitutive dimension of our faith. Jesus himself draws his disciples into a political vision that informs all that he does. As disciples of Jesus, we have a political vision, a political dream that requires our engagement. It brings hope and life and it is waiting for fulfillment! Imagine: a holy way to be political!

Jack Jezreel

Jack Jezreel is the original author of JustFaith and founder of JustFaith Ministries. He is a writer, speaker and teacher, focusing on the linkage between faith and compassion and a parish renewal strategy that draws from Pope Francis’ emphasis on “missionary disciples.” Over the last 15 years, he has given hundreds of presentations, including Keynote Addresses, continuing education for clergy and diocesan staff as well as parish, regional and national convenings. Jezreel was Keynote at the 2011 Religious Education Congress.

4-17  Sin: From Breaking Rules to Violating Justice  

“Sin” is a word that seems to have fallen on hard times. Yet it is an obvious reality in contemporary life. This session will look at the development of the Catholic understanding of sin as it has moved from a focus on keeping rules to a summons to treat others justly. We will also examine what we mean by “social sin” and “structures of sin.” The end result will be a more “adult” understanding of “sin.”

Fr. Bryan N. Massingale, STD

Fr. Bryan Massingale, a priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, is Theology Professor at Fordham University in New York. A noted authority on Catholic moral theology and social ethics, he has lectured extensively on ethical and racial justice issues both internationally and throughout the United States. Fr. Massingale is a previous Religious Education Congress Keynoter, a former President of the Catholic Theological Society of America and has been a leader of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium.

4-18  Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment: A Time of Discernment and Action  

What will the future hold for the Church’s pastoral ministry with youth and young adults? This is one of the primary questions reflected upon as part of the October 2018 Synod of Bishops. The synod will provide the Church a unique opportunity to listen and focus our attention on ministry with the younger members of our faith communities. This workshop will suggest ways that your community can be engaged with and benefit from this general assembly. Topics for discussion will include an understanding of the major themes in the preparatory document, as well as strategies for engaging your community in dialogue and action on synod priorities.

Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale

Louisiana native Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale has been President of Ministry Training Source since 2000. Her recognitions include receiving the 2002 National Youth Ministry Award from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry for contributions nationally to the field of Catholic youth ministry. For three decades, Dr. McCorquodale has served as an international educator, researcher and consultant for the fields of lay ecclesial ministry, certification standards and processes, youth ministry and e-learning.

4-19  At the Front Lines of the Global Refugee and Migration Crisis  

Hear the latest insights on the global refugee and migration crisis by two Catholic Relief Services (CRS) staff members working at the front lines in Latin America and the Caribbean, and also the Middle East and Europe. Through a visual presentation grounded in stories, CRS’ Rick Jones and Caroline Brennan will share perspectives on what is happening in areas where people have been forced to flee their homes. They will provide a behind-the-scenes look that shines an urgently needed spotlight on populations who are among the most vulnerable in our world today. In the face of this crisis, the role and impact of the Catholic Church has been front and center.

Richard Alan Jones

Rick Jones, based in El Salvador, is Senior Technical Advisor in Latin America and the Caribbean for Catholic Relief Services and previously served as the Deputy Regional Director for Global Solidarity and Justice. For the past 25 years he has worked on peace building, human rights and development programs in Latin America. He has testified before Senate hearings on Homeland Security and unaccompanied minors, as well as with the U.S. Agency for International Development on gang-related issues.

Caroline Brennan

Based in Chicago, Caroline Brennan is Senior Communications Officer of the Global Emergency Response Team for Catholic Relief Services. She has been in Jordan and Lebanon regularly since 2012 to meet with Syrian refugees and has traveled to Iraq, Gaza, the Central Africa Republic, eastern Ukraine and the Philippines. Brennan was in Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquake, and in Europe at the height of the refugee crisis. Overall, she has worked in 22 countries documenting people’s incredible challenges.

4-20  Lift Your Eyes! We’d Like to See Jesus  

“What are you looking for?” These are the first words Jesus speaks in John’s Gospel. Today, the question is: Are we still seeking him, and where are we looking for him? Who are we using as a go-between – someone to get us closer to Jesus, to give us an “in” with him – as Philip and Andrew do with the Greeks/outsiders? Or are we now living and connecting others with Jesus, as his disciples and making sure that others get to Jesus? So many are asking us: We’d like to see Jesus, can you get us to him? Come, let us draw others to Jesus, the Son of Man.

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna, a native of New York City who now lives in Albuquerque, N.M., is an international speaker, storyteller and theologian. She is author of 49 books, including “This Will be Remembered of Her” (which won an award in Spirituality from the Catholic Press Association) and “Like a Hammer Shattering Rock.” McKenna teachers at several universities, colleges and pastoral institutes around the world. She is an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi USA and won the Isaac Hecker Award for Justice and Peace.

4-21  Bored at Mass? Never Again!  

Join Fr. Leo Patalinghug to help you better understand the Mass, its theology, and pastoral and practical life applications. This session will help parents and teachers explain the Mass to students and children, and provide practical tips on how to get your family more excited about Mass and faith in general. Experience a greater conversion, devotion and appreciation for the Sacred Liturgy, and most importantly learn how never to be bored at Mass.

Rev. Leo E. Patalinghug

Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest member of a secular institute of consecrated life called Voluntas Dei (The Will of God). He is founder and host of the Grace Before Meals movement as well as founder and Chairman of The Table Foundation. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area, Fr. Patalinghug developed his love for cooking while attending the seminary at the North American College in Rome. He is a best-selling author, popular speaker and host of “Savoring Our Faith” on EWTN and a SiriusXM Radio contributor.

4-22  Women Arising in the Gospel of Luke  

The Gospel of Luke has more episodes featuring women than any other Gospel, which led early feminists to say that Luke is the Gospel for the advancement of women. Later feminists have examined the roles that women play in the third Gospel and have concluded that it rele­gates women to silent, passive roles, and when women speak, they are corrected or not believed. This session will reveal the women at the tomb as faithful, persistent hearers and proclaimers of the Word, even as women fall silent in Luke’s second volume, leaving us with an ambiguous message.

Sr. Barbara E. Reid, OP, PhD

Sr. Barbara Reid, a Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids, Mich., is Vice President and Academic Dean as well as Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where she has served since 1988. She is author of biblical works and presents approximately 25 speaking engagements a year throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Bolivia, Peru, Thailand and Guatemala. Sr. Reid’s most recent book is entitled, “Wisdom’s Feast: An Invitation to Feminist Interpretation of the Scriptures.”

4-23  “May God Love You Through Me”

God alone can satisfy our deepest longing to love and be loved. And yet, Jesus allows the love of husband and wife to become an incarnate witness of his spousal fidelity in the sacrament of marriage. Join Danielle Rose as she shares how the journey of discernment and formation in the convent prepared her soul to discover and embrace the call to holiness in the vocation of marriage.

Danielle Rose

At age 17, Danielle Rose traveled to India to volunteer with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. This experience gave her a desire to serve the poorest of the poor as a “music missionary.” Her third album, “I Thirst,” is a musical tribute to the life and work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Since 2002, Rose has travelled the globe and is now blessed to be a sacrament with her husband, Mitchell, and their daughters, Agnes and Genevieve, in the “­mamastery” of their Minnesota home.

4-24  Coming Out of Exile: Welcoming What Our Spirit Is Missing

As we grow into wholeness, we discover within ourselves aspects that need to be recognized, accepted and integrated into our life. How do we call home these vital qualities and unwanted aspects of self that have been lost, ignored, forgotten, forced away or rejected? As we discover these banished facets of ourselves and welcome them as sources for our inner growth, we cultivate an ability to be a catalyst for spiritual transformation and a transmitter of peace in our personal and ministerial life.

Joyce Rupp, OSM

Sr. Joyce Rupp, a member of the Servants of Mary community, is a spiritual director who has been a facilitator and speaker at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally for 30 years. She is a freelance writer and well-known award-winning author of numerous best-selling books, including “Fragments of Your Ancient Name,” “Prayer Seeds” and “Boundless Compassion.” Based in West Des Moines, Iowa, Sr. Rupp was a hospice volunteer for 15 years who now serves as Co-Director of Boundless Compassion programs.

4-25  Anti-fragile Faith  

Christian faith and Christian joy are more than mere feelings. Faith is confidence in the person and promises of God. Joy is the sense of well-being that is the fruit of something else. It is the fruit of a life lived in God. A life “lived in God” is eminently practical. If a person lives their anti-fragile faith in every environment, one can experience the joy that thrives in any environment

Rev. Michael Schmitz

Fr. Michael Schmitz is Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth, Minn., and serves as Chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-­Duluth. He offers weekly homilies on iTunes and Bulldog­Catholic.org and has appeared in programs for youth and young adults through Ascension Press, as well as through short video messages on Ascension Presents. Fr. Schmitz has preached to youth and young adults across the country.

4-26  Called to be Missionary Disciples: The Ministry of the Catechist  

The vocation to catechesis is a call to be an intentional disciple in mission. In this session, led by a National Catechetical Consultant and author of 10 books on cate­chesis and ministry, participants will be invited to reflect on their call to be a catechist, essential components of the ministry of catechesis, and what it means to form ourselves – and others – to be missionary disciples of Jesus.

Dr. Joseph D. White

Child psychologist Dr. Joseph White is the National Catechetical Consultant for Our Sunday Visitor Publishing and Curriculum. He has worked as a parish catechetical leader and spent seven years as Director of Family Counseling and Family Life in the Diocese of Austin, Texas. He is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and TV and a keynote speaker/workshop presenter at national and diocesan conferences. Dr. White is author of numerous articles and 10 books, and co-authored the “Allelu” and “Alive in Christ” catechetical series.

4-27  Freedom from Useless Fear  

Fear is a normal response to a perceived threat. Family life today is under constant threats and we need effective coping skills to manage legitimate concerns and to eliminate useless worries. This session will focus on coping with interpersonal fears that interfere with our ability to grow in mutual love in our families. Dr. John Yzaguirre will also offer spiritual strategies to enjoy the fullness of a life lived free from fear: “If we love one another, God remains in us, and his love is brought to perfection in us. ... Perfect love drives out fear” (1 Jn 4:12, 18).

Dr. John Yzaguirre

Dr. John Yzaguirre is a psychologist and author specializing in family life and Catholic spirituality. He co-directs the California Prosocial Institute with his wife, Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, MFT, MDiv, with whom he has co-authored “Thriving Marriages.” He has been a keynote speaker at conventions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia. In addition to his private practice in Irvine, Calif., Dr. Yzaguirre offers numerous marriage and family formation seminars at churches throughout the United States.

4-70  Mái ấm Gia đình người Việt  

Đôi lứa yêu nhau nào cũng mong muốn được sống hạnh phúc. Tuy nhiên trong đời sống hôn nhân, chúng ta thường gây đau khổ cho người phối ngẫu. Chúng ta sẽ sống hạnh phúc bên nhau nếu có Chúa trong đời sống. Buổi hội thảo sẽ cho thấy văn hoá Việt Nam có nguồn gốc sâu xa là Thiên Chúa. Qua việc khám phá kho tàng văn hoá quý báu của mình, hai vợ chồng sẽ có nền tảng vững chắc để sống đời sống lứa đôi hạnh phúc, từ đó xây dựng một mái ấm gia đình.

     The Vietnamese Couple and Our Foundation for Happiness  

In romantic relationships, we envision eternal bliss. However, in married life, we often make our spouse feel hurt. We can enjoy a happy life together if we have God in our lives. This workshop will show how the Vietnamese culture is deeply rooted in God. By discovering our own treasure, couples – both young and old – have a foundation to live a happy life together and to build a nest for their children.

Tiến Sĩ Quyên Di

Trước 1975, Giáo-sư Quyên-Di là Phụ-tá Giám-đốc Ban Tu-Thư, viện Đại-học Đà-Lạt. Hiện nay ông huấn-luyện giáo-chức dạy tiếng Việt trên toàn thế-giới. Phục-vụ trong Uỷ-Ban Giáo-Lý Việt-Nam tại Hoa-Kỳ gần 30 năm nay. Ông dạy ngôn-ngữ, văn-chương và văn-hoá Việt-Nam tại UCLA và CSULB; dạy sư-phạm tại CSUF. Là giáo-sư thỉnh-giảng tại trường thần-học Oblate School of Theology. Ông cũng là linh-hướng và cố-vấn về gia-đình.

Prof. Quyen-Di

Prior to 1975, Professor Quyen-Di served as Assistant Director for the Board of Textbook and Curriculum Preparation at Dalat University, Vietnam. He now trains Vietnamese-language teachers around the world, and has served on the Vietnamese American Catechetical Conference for nearly 30 years. He teaches Vietnamese language at the University of California, Los Angeles and at California State University, Long Beach. He is a visiting professor at Oblate School of Theology. He is a trained spiritual director and family counselor.