2018 Youth Day Rules

Youth Day at the Religious Education Congress
Thursday, March 15, 2018

  1. A maximum of 10 students per form can be registered with each paid Adult Chaperone. All must attend the same workshops. The first registration form for every group should have two Chaperones listed.
  2. Once the Registration Form has been processed, additional students cannot be added to it. Additional students require a new form AND another paid Chaperone. Please be sure to register all priests who will accompany your group.
  3. YOUTH DAY FEE: $30 per person (U.S. dollars only). (The fee after January 26, 2018 is $35).
  4. NOTE: YOUTH DAY USUALLY FILLS TO CAPACITY AND CLOSES BEFORE THE DEADLINE DATE. Youth Day Registration deadline is February 20, 2018. All registrations received after this date – or after Youth Day fills to capacity – will be returned.
  5. Mail checks payable to: RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CONGRESS, PO Box 761157, Los Angeles, CA 90076-1157.
  6. Total payment must accompany this form.
  7. Name badges will be mailed after February 14, 2018. Please check your packet when it arrives, verifying that each Adult Chaperone and each student has his or her own name badge. Students MUST remain with their Adult Chaperones throughout the day.
  8. Refunds must be requested in writing before January 26, 2018. Note: There is a $10 per registration refund processing fee.

Who May Attend Youth Day?

All students from public and Catholic schools, grades 9 through 12, are invited to our annual YOUTH DAY on the opening Thursday of the Congress weekend. STUDENTS BELOW THE 9th GRADE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT AND WILL BE REFUSED ADMISSION.

What Is the Cost?

Registration to attend Youth Day is $30 per person ($35 after January 26, 2018).

Chaperones & Contact Person

For the initial group (of up to 10 youth) there must be two adult chaperones. An additional chaperone must be included with every consecutive group of up to ten youth. Groups are required to stay together throughout the day, with at least one chaperone attending each activity with each group of up to 10 youth. Students cannot be dropped off at the Convention Center without a Chaperone.

The Adult Chaperone should be at least 21 years of age and should supervise his or her group throughout all of Youth Day. Chaperones must participate in the events of the day – youth find it more difficult to participate if adults are not engaged. Please know that the format of Youth Day enables everyone to have a seat in the Arena, but that large groups may be unable to sit together. We ask that Chaperones divide up and stay with their group of no more than 10 youth.

The Contact Person is responsible for providing the Adult Chaperones with all the necessary forms and emergency information gathered for each student. All Youth Day name badges are mailed to the Contact Person. The Contact Person may also be included as one of the group Chaperones or registrants.

It is the responsibility of the Contact Person to make sure ALL Chaperones have been trained in accordance with their Diocesan Youth Protection Policies and the appropriate diocesan-required background check has been completed. Please contact your parish or school for more information on these guidelines for your diocese.

How Do We Register?

Registrations can be made by mailing in the Youth Day Registration Form along with a check for the proper amount or online by credit card. A maximum of 10 students and one Chaperone can register per form.

Registration Deadline

We recommend that you register early. Once Youth Day fills to capacity it is CLOSED. This sometimes happens before the Youth Day registration deadline of February 20, 2018. If Youth Day is filled when we receive your registration, it will be returned to you. SORRY, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS GUIDELINE.

Name Badges

Each registered person is given a color-coded name badge and that serves as their admission to Youth Day. Registrations will NOT be processed if only one person’s name is used in all the spaces on the form or if the names are obviously made up. In order to gain and maintain admission into the Convention Center, each person must be wearing the official Youth Day name badge for the entire day. If needed, you may substitute people. We will not be able to print out new name badges on site.

PLEASE distribute name badges to all participants prior to leaving your parish or school or before exiting the bus. Those who become separated from their group and do not have name badges will not be allowed entry into the Convention Center or Arena. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Youth Day Packets will be mailed after February 27, 2016, to the Contact Person. Please check your packet IMMEDIATELY upon receipt to verify that each Chaperone and each participant received his or her name badge.

NOTE: There is a $50 free for reprinting of name badges on Youth Day.

Workshop Registration & Assignment

MAKE SURE to mark on the registration whether your group will attend TRACK 1 or TRACK 2. Also, print the letter of your first and second choice workshops plainly on the spaces provided. The featured Arena speaker workshop is attended by all participants and groups can choose a second workshop from the Youth Day workshop listings. All workshops are offered for both tracks.

Workshop Assignment: Our registration computer will assign your first choice for the workshop. If your first choice is full, then the computer will assign your second choice.

Food Services

Track 1 and Track 2 have staggered lunch times. There are food concessions at various places in the Convention Center, Arena Lobby, and outside. Lines can be long, so please be patient. PLEASE NOTE that it is unacceptable to cater lunches for your group. Participants are allowed to bring individual lunch bags, but large ice chests and group catering is not permitted. We also suggest that you do not use nearby restaurants, since time is limited.

E-VINE Updates

The Office of Religious Education distributes the Youth Ministry Grapevine (PDF newsletter) and E-VINE (by email) of important information in the field of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Excerpts relating to Youth Day can be found on the E-VINE section of the Youth Day page.

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